DTF File Requirements:

Files should be PNG, or vector (.ai/.eps/.svg). It is recommended that PNG files are at 300 DPI and have a transparent background.

Gang sheets allow for multiple images to be printed on one transfer.

Please check images before sending. They will be printed exactly as received.

Design work is available at $25/hour.

Select the size closest to the max width OR height of your desired print size.
If you don't see the size you want or have questions, please contact us at dtf@creativthreadz.com

DTF Printing Instructions

1. Pre-press your garment at 325°F for @ 2-5 seconds to flatten the fabric and remove excess humidity.

2. Place the film (print side down) on the garment and cover with a teflon/silicone/parchment paper.

3. Press at 325°F for @ 15-20 seconds and wait until completely cool to the touch to peel the film. Be sure to peel the film in a slow continuous motion.

4. Cover the garment with teflon/silicone/parchment paper and re-press at 325°F for @ 10-15 seconds to fully adhere to the garment and increase durability.